How Not to Get Banned from Google Adsense – A Brief Guide

A few days back I wrote on some of the most common reasons why your AdSense account got banned. Later I received mHow Not To Get Banned From Google Adsenseany queries from people asking, “okay! Now that you have told people the common reasons why adsense account got banned. Tell us how to protect our Adsense account, if we haven’t broke any of AdSense Policy?” I would try to explain something more today. If you haven’t read my last post on “Reasons Why Your Adsense Account Got Banned”, you should read it now.

As I said in last post and would like to say this again that Google treats Invalid activity very seriously. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much big your traffic and revenue is. If Google Adsense thinks something is not good with your account, they will certainly ban you without giving any warning. Now, most of people will never do any invalid activities but they still get banned from Adsense. You may have heard of stories from the owners of, and many others. In today’s post I will tell you how to protect your Adsense account. How to be on safer side if your ads are getting click bombed or your traffic is surged.

1. Segment Your Traffic: This is the first thing you as a Adsense publisher should do. Webmasters and Analytics give you very good insight about your traffic. What you should do is connect your Webmasters and Analytics account. Inside analytics account, you should connect your Adsense account as well. To keep your account in good standing, segment your traffic and measure the traffic and the region. Here is a good detailed description of segmenting your traffic.

2. Create Traffic Alerts: This is another option to get notified about your traffic surges. Sometimes it happens that your traffic just gets blown away. You receive unusual traffic from some bots. To get this notified, you can create custom analytics alerts. This will tell you traffic spikes based on alerts you set. It may be days, monthly or yearly wise. Create Traffic Alerts.

3. Be Careful When You Buy Traffic: You should be very careful when you buy traffic. A lot of websites you see online giving website traffic are usually bot driven. Don’t ever use $5 Fiverr gigs or traffic from cheap traffic websites. They will certainly get you banned with Adsense.

4. Never Ever Click Your Own Ads: This is self-explanatory. You should never click on your own ads. A lot of people want to make money online and they want to make quickly. But this doesn’t mean you should break the policy which is put in place. You do not have any right to click on ads which are being served on your website. Sometimes people want to view the url of the ad.

5. Check Your Ad Implementations: Check if your ad code is not modified or broken. No programming errors on your site which leads to invalid clicks on your ads.

Once you notice any invalid or suspicious activity on your site, reach out to the Adsense team via this Invalid Activity Contact Form. You will need to be logged in to do this. 

Wish You Good Luck!

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