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How to Promote Affiliate Products Without a Website

affiliate marketing without websiteTo become an affiliate marketer you usually need a website to promote the product. You need a lot of subscribers to get started which again requires you to have your own website. This article I’m sharing is all about promoting affiliate products without actually having your own website. You don’t need a professionally managed hosted website to promote affiliate products. You can still do wonders in promoting products without your own blog or website. Let’s get started.

Advertising Affiliate Products: By advertising you spend few dollars upfront to get the affiliate product in the eyes of potential buyers. There are thousands of advertising networks available online. You can choose yourself from our ad network directory which ad network can be useful.  But how advertising the affiliate product work?

Using advertising, you actually create an ad about the affiliate product and include your affiliate link. This is the easiest way of promoting affiliate products. But, before you jump on to start creating your ad in Google Adwords, let me tell you that Google Adwords don’t allow affiliate links. So, better don’t create an ad in Adwords and get banned. Jump on to other affiliate networks and get to know if you can actually create an ad with affiliate link. If they do allow, you are all ready to go. Make sure you read the reviews about them and the quality of traffic they have, to avoid your loss.

Social Media: The power of social media is eternal. You can share your affiliate links via Facebook, Twitter and lot other social networks. How to get started?

To get started with social media affiliate marketing, you need to understand what your affiliate product is. You just cannot randomly send your affiliate link to all your friends and followers and start to think that they are going to buy it. They won’t because it’s out of their interest. So, what you have to do is to start your own promotional method to invite them and others. To do this on Facebook, you have to create a niche page and a niche group. This will act as your promotional method on Facebook. Invite your friends to the page and group and you can ask them to invite their friends. Share some useful niche related articles and include your affiliate links so that they can get started buying your product.

To do this on Twitter, you probably will need more and more followers. Share your affiliate link and use “Pin to Top” option so that the affiliate link tweet will always be on top. Gain more followers and tweet regularly.

Solo Ads are very profitable: A solo ad is an email sent out to the email subscribers with a little info about the product and an affiliate link. Since you don’t have any email list as of now, you can consider help from other solo ads providers. WarriorForum has got a lot many solo ads providers. Choose solo ads providers whose emails converts which means you can trust them that the emails are getting delivered, opened and links are clicked.

So, this is all about affiliate marketing without website. You don’t actually need a website to promote an affiliate product. 🙂

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