Top 10 Ad Networks in 2019 to Generate Higher Ad Revenue

top 10 ad networks in 2019

Internet consumption is booming worldwide and so is the ad industry. A recent study shows that online ad industry is now worth over $230 billion. There are thousands of ad networks, ad tech companies emerging every year with the idea of fulfilling the gap between advertisers and publishers. But are they all worth your time and effort? To get the most out of your website/blog, you must monetize your website with a trustworthy ad network that give you the best results for your content and make the most money for you. Last year I had made a list of top 10 ad networks to follow in 2018 and it was received very well by our publishers.

I have tested hundreds of ad networks over the years and I can assure you that more than 90% of those ad networks that claim to generate higher revenue do not help you make even a fraction of what they say. There comes a time when you decide to just go back to your old ad network and start working with them again. It is also true that majority of ad network startups fail within a year. I have compiled the list of top 10 ad networks for 2019 that will work best for your website.

Moving forward I will be listing them in rank based criteria as shown below. These are the best ad networks to generate higher revenue in 2019.

Rank Ad Network Description Commission Type Minimum Payout Payment Frequency Link
1 google adsense reviewGoogle AdSense Google AdSense is the leading and one of the best ad networks for publishers. Over the years AdSense is always the first choice for publishers who want to make money through CPC and CPM ad model.They work with publishers across various categories and the requirements become lenient over the years to give opportunity to new publishers. There is no minimum traffic requirements but you do have to follow their guidelines when showing ads on your website. CPC, CPM $100 Net 30 sign up
2 adcash AdCash
Adcash DSP+ is a perfect online advertising platform for publishers who’re looking to monetize their website traffic through multiple ad formats and earn high revenue. Best of all, their ads bypass adblockers thanks to their advanced anti adblock technology which means maximized ad revenue for publishers. Adcash offers high rates across all formats (Pop, Native, Push, Interstitials and Banner) and they have more than 10K+ active worldwide campaigns. Plus, they have publisher friendly payment terms and minimum payment starts from only $25.
CPM, CPC, CPA Target $25 Net 30 sign up
3 Exponential Exponential is one of the best CPM ad networks and is a brand safe advertising platform. Bridging the gap between premium publishers and advertisers, Exponential also has custom monetization solutions for publishers. They provide highest CPM rates for display ads in the industry and has  variety of ad formats. You will need to have a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month to get approved. CPM $50 Net 45  sign up
4 TaboolaTaboola Taboola is a content delivery platform that has seen a huge growth in driving the best results over the years. With billions of content recommendations every month, Taboola is one of the leading native advertising networks in the industry. Taboola offers one of the highest CPC rates and has long list of premium advertisers. The content recommendations are highly converting and provide best results for publishers and generate higher ROI for advertisers. CPC, CPM $50 Net 45 sign up
5 rhythm-oneRhythmOne RhythmOne earlier known as RadiumOne and Blinkx is one among the leading CPM ad networks that you can trust a lot because of brand safety. They offer a variety of ad formats such as video ads, rich media ads and provides higher fill rates.  Their traffic requirement is not much (requires about 5000 unique visitors every month) but you do need to have quality content to get accepted.  They have higher CPM rates and targeted ads. CPM $100 Net 60 sign up
6 mgid ad networkMGID MGID is one of the top native advertising networks that is perfect for medium to large publishers. They have perfect engagement and a lot of targeting options. The ads are non-obtrusive and are really simple thus giving higher conversion rates. Their ads seamlessly integrate into user’s activity. MGID work across various devices, platforms and compatible with third part DFP. CPC, CPM $100 Net 30 sign up
7 outbrainOutbrain Outbrain is a native ad network just like Taboola and has grown consistently over the years. They are used by major online publications like CNN, Slate and ESPN. They allow you to promote your own content along side their own sponsored content thus creating higher engagement and better conversions. They are used by over 100,000 websites/blogs and are delivering billions of ad impressions every month. CPC, CPM $50 Net 60
sign up
8 revcontentRevContent Revcontent is one of the fastest growing content delivery network. It makes about 250 billion content recommendations every single month. One of the largest network used by famous online companies such as Forbes, CBS, NBC and many more. They have one of the best responsive and highly converting ad recommendation widgets and extremely easy to customize ad units. Revcontent are strict with the rules and you will need a very high traffic to your website before being accepted. CPC, CPM $50 Net 30 sign up
9 propelleradsPropellerAds Propeller Ads is one of the fastest growing CPM Ad Networks with multiple ad formats. They have various ad models such as CPM, CPC and CPA. They provide pretty good rates for Pop and Push traffic and has a lot of exclusive offers that can generate both your web as well as mobile traffic. PropellerAds is a self-serve ad network. They have one of the best ad tech operations across multiple channels to maximize the yields. CPM, CPA, CPC $25 Net 30 sign up
10 ezoicEzoic Ezoic is a Google publishing partner that with its ad technology uses data points from visitors to determine the optimal ad sizes, locations, and combinations for each user session. Using for a a period of time, the system runs various experiments to determine what’s working for your website. Many people has seen a pretty neat growth in their income after using Ezoic ad platform. Minimum traffic requirement is 10,000 unique visitors per month. CPM, CPC $20 Net 30 sign up


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