Partners.House – Monetize Traffic With Push Subscriptions + Case Study ad network review and payment proof

Partners.House is a push subscriptions based advertising network that works really well and results in 100% ad delivery. Few days back I did a review of Push.House advertising network. Partners.House is the same company that works for webmasters who want to make money with their website.

Partners.House monetizes over 180 countries worldwide traffic and receives over 85 million clicks every month. Webmasters working with Partners.House make a lot of money. Looking at the stats, they pay over $320,000 to their partners every month in earning.

Quick Features:

  1. Over 180 GEOs traffic is monetized
  2. 100% advertising delivery to your viewers
  3. Multilingual landing
  4. Split landing page testing
  5. Advanced real time reporting
  6. TDS system with the ability to direct users to TB after subscription or failure
  7. Minimum payout of $50
  8. Number of push requests on landing pages (from 1 to 100)
  9. Add new landing pages on request
  10. Dedicated account manager
  11. Affiliate revenue share model
  12.  Referral income of 5%
  13. Universal tracking code

With Partners.House you can make money two ways. One via subscription sales, and other via a revshare model which is a bit of long term income source.

Method 1: With the subscription sales method, you have to create a landing site url with your CPL. You send the traffic to your landing page. The system automatically redeems your subscribers at fixed prices. The amount at which the sale happened immediately gets credited into your account balance.

Method 2: With revshare model, you have to create a platform with revshare payment method. This is similar to your traditional push method. You gather all your subscribers and they are sent push ads to their platform. For every click on the push ads, you receive 90% of revshare.

In both these cases you can request your payment whenever you want and withdraw funds.

Quick FAQs:

Q1. When will I receive my payments?

Q1. When will I receive my payments?

You can request your payment whenever you want. You can order your payments from within the control panel. You will receive your payments within 7 days from the request.

Q2. What payment methods do you support?

Q2. What payment methods do you support?

Partners.House support various payment methods such as Web Money, Yandex Money, QIWI, Pay Pal, Epayments, Bitcoin, VIZA, Mastercard.

Q3. Do you have referral system in place?

Q3. Do you have referral system in place?

Yes. Partners.House has referral system where the affiliates can make 5% of their referral income.

Q4. How many offers do you have?

Q4. How many offers do you have?

Currently more than 30+ active offers.

Q5. Do you support UTM tags?

Q5. Do you support UTM tags?

Yes. UTM tags are supported.

Q6. How do you differ from your competitors in your niche?

Q6. How do you differ from your competitors in your niche?

We differ from other push networks in following ways.

  • Coverage worldwide – traffic is received from all over the world.
  • Choose between RevShare rewards and instant redemption
  • Support for sites with and without SSL
  • Referral program with 3% rate
  • Retention – 7 days
  • Personal manager for each partner
  • Lack of sanctions from search engines
  • Own TDS system with the ability to redirect users to TB after subscribing or unsubscribing
  • A huge number of multilingual landings with the possibility of split tests, new landings are added on request
  • Payouts on request with a minimum amount of $ 50
  • Increased RevShare Bids for Top Traffic Partners ad network review

Case Study: Split Testing 5 Push Ads Networks

Push Ads are going strong and are continue to make money every single day. They have not lost their relevancy as some used to say earlier. This is the easiest way to monetize your traffic and requires very low investment. You don’t need a site to make money with push ads. You can make money with affiliate offers and little investment directly with most push ads networks.

I know over 20 push ads networks that I have worked with and so the question arises where do I put my traffic into.

Since most of my webmasters and arbitrageurs are interested in the Russian traffic, I did split testing with 5 push ads networks.There were lot of my favorite push ads networks but I chose 5 among them. I do not wanted to spread out the traffic too much because this then will lose the specificity and productivity. This was a gamble to try to run this way.

Initial data:

Start: October 9, 2019

GEO: Russia;

Type of traffic: Clickander;

Source traffic: Mpay69

Landing: YouTube;

Traffic: Mobile;

Difficulty (Redirects): 2;

Costs: $ 1200;

Subscriptions: not less than 4.5k;

Type of subscription payment: Revshare;

Trafficback : Webcam

Number of affiliates: 5

Split Affiliate Networks:






Split Test Plan:

My initial test plan was to invest $1000 and expected ROI was at least $5000. But as we know, most networks won’t get extremely good roi and thus whatever income was made will be reinvested.

Offer was for Youtube. The landing page was chosen to be the same for all networks. It was a offer on a “YouTube player”.


14-10-2019: At the moment, I have spent over  $700 on this split test and the campaign is temporarily suspended due to the fact that one of the networks is holding an action. As soon as $ 1k is spent, I will publish the first results of this split test. Most likely I guess on October 26th.

16-10-2019: There were a bit of issues with one of the networks and they have extended the campaign till 27th. I was about to publish the first results of the split test, but here because of some issues with the network data, the results will be most likely posted in November when the initial budget is spent.

First Report:

On October 31st, I decided to move slightly away from the split test plan that was written above. My cost of buying traffic was $ 1.2k (instead of $ 1k) , the number of leads were at least 4.5k (instead of $ 5k). So it will remain everything, i.e. I won’t add any more budget, because at least for the moment I don’t see the point.

Problems I faced during Split testing: During the split testing a few problems arose. The network I was working with Daopush suffered some DDOS and the reporting,data were lost. This was the reason that I have to extend my budget a proceed the campaign till October 28th.


Traffic statistics for landing page across various networks:

traffic stats

Period from 10/08/19 to 10/14/19

traffic stats

Period from 10/28/19 to 10/31/19

Traffic Statistics:

Traffic Statistics

Sent – how much total traffic took from the TDS to the landing page;

Total Leads – the number of leads for the entire period;

Ratio 1: X – Calculated value: (Sent / Lida);

Costs – The calculated value: (Sent * 0.15), where 0.15 is the average click price in Mpay69;

Lead Price – The calculated value: (Costs / Leads * 1.049), where 1.049 is the average traffic loss between Mpay69 and TDS;

Here are some statistics from various ad networks:

Statistics from the networks (in the order of their ROI) period 10/08/19 – 10/31/19:

1 – PartnersHouse

2 – ClickStar:

3 – zPush:

4 – DaoPush: 

5 – DatsPush:

Split test reports:

So, as you can see above, Partners.House were quite a lot of profitable network for this campaign. If you have any questions, don’t forget to comment down the post.

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