10 Reasons Why Your AdSense Account Got Banned

Reasons Why Your AdSense Account BannedAdSense in no doubt is the largest PPC/CPC advertising network.  A lot of publishers make money using AdSense as they are the best ad network available online today. No other ad network can beat them. Truth be told. Along with popularity come a lot of horror stories. Stories like AdSense account getting Banned! There are more than 2500+ words in AdSense policy which most of the people never read. A time comes when you see a mail from AdSense, saying your account is banned. Now, it may or may not be your fault, but somehow something has happened that has infringed AdSense policy. There can be various reasons why your AdSense got banned. Google will never tell you which of their policy has been infringed. They don’t have to. I have seen people online writing that their AdSense account has been banned. They post everywhere about ban either on their site or in forums. Please don’t do that. You are making fool of yourself because there are thousands and thousands of other publishers who are making good money from them. They know what infringes AdSense policies and why hundreds of accounts get banned or disabled permanently in AdSense. If you have got banned from AdSense or you would like not to get banned from AdSense, let me share with you some of the most common reasons that infringes AdSense policies and you should be very aware when you use AdSense.

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1. Clicking Ads on Your Own Site  This is one of the most common reasons why your account might get banned. People want to make money and they want to make it quick. Either people do it manually or automatic. They click their own ads. Automatic means click jacker or bots. These bots click ads constantly and serve impressions using proxies. Remember, if you have got bots for clicking, AdSense has got better bots for fraud detection.

2. PTC Sites  Publishers often use PTC (Paid-To-Click) sites which generate impressions, clicks and auto surfs. This is one of those common reasons where publishers pay a third party sites to generate clicks and impressions so that they can earn better with AdSense. Believe me, this is easy to track for AdSense and they disable publisher’s account.

3. Manipulation of AdSense Codes  Another major reason for account ban is manipulation of AdSense code. AdSense clearly says that in no way you should change the ad snippet. However, people often place codes within Iframes, manipulate them so that they are invisible and these ad codes get clicked whenever someone clicks in the website.

4. Asking visitors to Click Ads to Support Your Site  This thing is very much common among new publishers. They ask all their visitors, their family and friends to click on the ads in their site to support them. Some publishers also ask visitors to click ads because they are supporting or donating this amount to some charity, which in fact isn’t true. 😉

5.  Pornographic or Adult Content  AdSense is family safe ad network and in no way have adult ads. AdSense says it briefly. If your online content isn’t family safe, then Adsense ads should not be displayed. This simply means if your site has pornographic content, NSFW, or if your site isn’t safe for workplace, then you should not display AdSense ads.

6.  Duplicate or Bad Quality Content in Website  This is also one of the reason why accounts are getting banned. AdSense believe in quality of articles/blog posts. Create valuable content for your website which helps your visitors. Simply copy pasting articles will not even help you getting indexed in Google Search.

7. Deceptive Placement of Ads  Google says you cannot place ads on places which attract user’s unnatural attention eventually leading to clicking on the ad. Some publishers place ads as a sticky which gets displayed whenever user scroll up or down getting too much attention to click on the ad. This is not good and if you are already using Sticky ad placements, please avoid that.

8.  Copyright Content  You cannot put copyrighted materials or contents in your website unless you have legal rights to show or feature them. Often websites like Mp3 or Video downloading sites get their AdSense account banned because they don’t own the right to sell or make their content available for downloading. This is against AdSense policy.

9.  Illegal Content  Contents that aren’t within your legality is illegal content. Placing AdSense ads in a website which is illegal or contains materials which produce illegal rights and facts or products are illegal. This may be adult content or illegal documents or counterfeit products.

10. Constant Refresh Sites  These are the sites which get refreshed every few seconds making continuous ad impressions. Some cunning publishers often ad a snippet which allows the website to gets loaded automatically every few seconds. Again, against AdSense policy.

So, these are the most common reasons why your account might have banned. Or if you are new to AdSense, please read above points again so that you don’t get banned from them. Share us your experience with AdSense through the comments below. 🙂

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