PayPal rolls out for Indian Customers was introduced earlier for only US and some European countries.  It was not available for many countries such as India where there is a huge customer base.

However, they have listened and PayPal has officially launched service for Indian customers. To help you understand what is, let me tell you that it is a simplest and fastest way to receiving money through PayPal. gives you an easy link such as which helps your customers to send you money directly without much hassle and it is by far quickest.

You can append your link such to the amount you want such as this link so that you can receive a payment of $25 USD. It’s that easy.

To setup your own link,

  1. Go to your paypal Profile. Or follow this link .
  2. Under your profile photo, you can see a new link which is Create link
  3. A new window will open and you will be asked to setup your preferred link name.
  4. Enter your name to append it to the default link something like this
  5. Now click create the link button and that’s it.

Your link is created. When you want to request the payment, you can simply append this link to the preferred amount and send it to your client. They will then login to their account and can send you the payment. will look like this below image. Now you can send me the payment if you want. 😉

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