How To Get Accepted By Peerfly – 3 Things You Should Know About

How to get accepted by Peerfly

If you are into affiliate marketing, you sure would have heard about Peerfly network. Peerfly is an affiliate network which pays publishers based on CPA. They are one of the best CPA ad network which I really love to work with. Hence if you don’t know how you can get accepted by Peerfly, let me tell you it is pretty much easy, ‘if you follow 3 things mentioned below‘. 😉

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, then you would have been told by many affiliates that getting into Peerfly and Maxbounty would be easy. But that’s not the case. Many affiliates get rejected by Peerfly (and Maxbounty especially).

To make money with CPA marketing, Peerfly is a good way to get started. Here I’m sharing 3 things you would need to follow to get accepted into Peerfly.

Peerfly is a good network if you are just getting into internet marketing and eager to make some serious money online.

Although they claim to have a rigorous verification procedure, please don’t think that they won’t be accepting new affiliates. If your marketing strategy is good and strong, then you are good to get accepted via Peerfly.

Without much a do, read the below steps carefully. When applying, you should fill out your form completely. Don’t leave it in half way. Every step is important.

1. Valid photo ID: Peerfly requires their publishers to submit proper proofs. This is one of a really good way to protect advertisers from frauds. A valid photo ID can be anything such as Driver’s License, Government Issued ID cards, Passports or something which is nationally recognized in your country. You would need to upload your photo ID during sign up. Although if you are having problem with uploading the proofs, you can just contact them via email.

2. Your Marketing Strategy: Remember, even though you are new into internet marketing, you should understand that no CPA network will blindly accept you if you don’t have a proper marketing strategy. You would need to tell them how you are actually going to promote their CPA offers. This is one of the most crucial part in application process. What are you going to do with these offers and how are you going to promote these offers?

If your answer is “PPC campaigns in Search”, then you probably will get rejected. Such applications Peerfly receive on daily basis. So, the best chances of getting accepted is to write little bit in detail about your strategy.

A good example can be, “I’m going to promote CPA offers via Bing PPC. I’m going to run ad campaigns in some good ad networks such as 50OnRed. I’m also going to promote CPA offers via my landing page.” Something like this is a good way to write. Remember, the more detailed your strategy is, the more are your chances of getting accepted.

If you don’t have any idea of how you are going to promote offers, it’s better you don’t apply and waste yours and their time.

3. Provide true information: When you combine both the steps above, you get this third step. Provide honest information and do not enter anything false information in the sign up form. There are a good chance you will get rejected if the information you provide is false. If you are already running CPA offers from other networks, mention them. If you are promoting offers on your website, then mention it. Remember, your website needs to have your own content and not a stolen one. No broken pages, no error pages.

If you are good at internet marketing, you can make a lot of money via Peerfly. They provide some of the best rates and share high revenue with publishers than any other CPA network.

Now, take some action.  Click on the button below to join now.

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