Best Native Ad Networks For Online Publishers

In my last post, I wrote about native advertising and the types of native advertising. Native Ads are great way to monetise your traffic and it removes what we call as banner blindness. A Native Ad adapt to your online content in your site. Today let me share with you some of the best native ad networks that will boost your online income from your website.


Outbrain-logoOutbrain is a Native Ad Network which works on the form of Recommendation Widgets. One of the best native ad network today, Outbrain is used by major online publications like CNN, Slate and ESPN and lot others. Outbrain is based on CPC model that means you get paid whenever someone clicks on the recommended widget. Outbrain allows users to promote various media forms like articles, videos, slideshows etc. Outbrain is used by more than 35,000 websites serving around 15 Billion page views per month.


taboola logoTaboola is very competitive in native advertising and the ad technology that they use has upper cut. Taboola recommends publishers to use the editorial and sponsored content. Taboola is used by top publications sites such as Business Insider, TMZ, Yahoo!, Mail Online,  NBC. Apart from these, Taboola also works on CPC model just like Outbrain. However, advertisers can get to know the top publishers if they can pay additionally. You can also see your daily and real stats on Taboola’s dashboard.


nativoNativo works with around 250 publishers and powers the online media. The content is served in publisher’s editorial stream and that’s why each ad will match the look and feel of the publication.  Publishers receive premium monetization and also the ads are non-disruptive. All the content is automatically reformed to match your online content to appear native. Because they are placed in the content of the site, your viewers are most likely to engage with them. They are easy to manage, control and scale.


revcontentRevContent is one of the fastest growing native ad recommendation networks. RevContent serve over 100 Billion Ad Recommendations per month. They are very premium ad network and will reject most of the sites that don’t meet the requirements.  You need to have a minimum of 30,000 unique visitors to your site to apply for their ad network. RevContent is used by famous online publications such as Forbes, CBS Local, E! and Fantasypros. RevContent is one of the highest paying Native ad network. The RPM is huge ranging from $3 to $40.


gravity advertisingGravity aims to personalise the web in bring the right content from publishers and advertisers in front of the consumers. Publishers can engage their readers with personalised plugins  and earn revenue. Gravity API will not just add a recommended widget in your site, you can personalise anything on the internet in your home page, video channel or mobile. Many leading brands such as Sony, Intel, Gap, AOL, WordPress, TechCrunch use Gravity’s platform to meet their readership goals.

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