What are push-up ads and how to earn money with it?

pushup ads -how to make money with it   Diving deep in the affiliate busy days you’ll becoming sensitized to the basics and foreknow: Where to get traffic, what offers to choose, how to minimize the costs, what creatives to use, how to scale up and other stuff. Still, we all have these moments when we have to adapt in the fast-changing digital advertising market. Just yesterday I was making money out of the smooth aggressive ads, and today the rules have changed.

Browsing around the web in the quest of solutions and profitable fluxes, testing all the possible advertising tools and inventory I have discovered an unconsumed tool. Banners go unnoticed cuz of the banner blindness, the video most likely to be skipped, pops are irritative.

Push-Up ads are something different, the tool that can drive your experience to the next level.

What is Push-Up? Bits and pieces.

Due to the limited choice of traffic sources, not so many advertisers are familiar with Push-Up ads (Mobile dialogue ads) and how they work.

What is so special about Mobile Dialogue Ads?

For a start, it’s a native mobile dialogue window cloning the operating system shell.

There are two words here we got to concentrate on.

Native: Unlike any other ad formats native shell can give a sense of trust to the advertising format. In this case, any system-like or restriction messages works well.

Mobile: A number of mobile internet users have reached critical mass, in a good way. Mobile traffic is good for reach and provides quite good conversion numbers.

How do they work?

Usually, a dialog ad message triggers when a user touches the screen, but there are any other options for ad interaction triggers.

A mobile dialogue box is displayed atop the website screen with two call-to-action buttons. A simple Android 2.3 version looks like this:

pushup ads

Is it really profitable?

We all know, that it’s hard to put money in some unknown, untested advertising format.

Well, I like to test undiscovered marketing opportunities, so I did this homework for you.

Wires – Offer:

I was fortunate with dating offers, they are doing really great lately. So, the test was reproduced with a SmartLink from a well-known CPA network ProfitSocial.

The offer allows multi geo, but I assumed to run it on Tier-1 as the most sensitive GEO for advertisement, yet too profitable: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany.

Wires – Traffic:

For some reason, there are not so many traffic sources working with Push-Ups. So, it’s quite easy to decide. Clickadu guys have launched Push-Up ads several months ago and have collected quite a wide foundation of webmasters now than a very beginning. And, luckily, Clickadu traffic is suitable enough for dating offers.

Wires – Taglines:

All the test campaigns were launched with trivial taglines for mobile platforms:

pushup ads example

Also, for A/B I have tried something more relevant:

pushup ads example

Setting back the bookishness of Tier-1 users, I have mentioned earlier that for some reason restriction messages work a way better so the first one was more successful. Guess, you can invent more variations with that.

A little about the optimization:

By default, Clickadu recommend you to use 1/24 frequency, but I would recommend to set it on 1/12 for campaigns with good ROI to increase your CR.

Among all the push-up tests I have noticed one more thing… Firefox and Opera can screw up the whole statistics so I usually exclude them.

What’s else I can do to raise the engagement level? I’ve made dialogue boxes more native.

German and Italian ads were translated into their languages.

It paid off for Germany, CR level was higher than running a simple English message. For Italy, well, I guess I have some Google translate issues, I haven’t noticed a massive change in the numbers.

Usually, it’s allowed to use 10 symbols for a title and 30 symbols for text. Quite easy, huh?

For sure, a number of symbols allowed affects the slogans creativity, but they do the job.

As a result of those efforts I have received these numbers:


A quite impressive stats for 7 days with a minimum of optimization. The whole test cost was about $540 and we have received $974 as a result. I guess I’ll scale up and keep running those fluxes.

You really should try them too.


What’s else goes well with push-ups?

Not just datings go well with push-up ads.

The system-shell messages allow you to successfully promote utilities and tools, especially for Android.

A great discovery for me was the positive results for wares. A small tip here: try Nutra offers with push-ups.

I definitely want Clickadu to add mobile dialog windows for Appstore and Google Play native shell. It promises a lot more realizations in this point. Hope to see them real soon.

And still, for now, mobile dialog inventory as it isn’t overcrowded with affiliates and for now shows splendid results so you should definitely try them too.

Good CR, folks.

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