Review – Brandable Domain Marketplace Experience brandable marketplace reviewI’m a huge fan of brandable domains. I collect brandable domains for making either personal websites and projects or to sell it to startups. I’ll be pretty honest to admit that I want my websites to appear unique. If I can’t find a premium keyword domain which fits in my budget, I always go for brandable domain names.

I see domain names with two perspectives, one is the keyword domains such as or and the other as creative brandable names such as and In both the cases the domain name makes a huge brand name and value.

I look for domain names that draws attention. We all want good brand names no matter if we are using it for a billion dollar company or for a personal project.

There are lots of brandable domain marketplaces where you can buy your desired brandable domain name such as BrandBucket, Brandpa, Brandroot and Namerific.

This post is my personal experience between the latest and the age old marketplace.

Brandpa is a new brandable domain marketplace and a sister company of ( a Derby based web design agency). The marketplace is reliable to buy brandable domain names for your business. You can also sign up with them as a seller and sell your domain inventory.

BrandBucket has been in the brandable business for a long time. But because of its history of sellers accusing them for malpractices, I would probably stay away from BrandBucket henceworth. I’m not a big seller their(just around 23 domains listed which I’ve planned to remove). But didn’t have a single sale since I joined the marketplace two years before. The marketplace is biased in listing process towards other sellers and that’s enough for me to stay away from them. The marketplace is just not ethical in business.

Although BrandBucket has been in the field for many years, I would still like to go with the newcomer because of the following reasons.

There are lots of perks of using Brandpa over BrandBucket and here is why.

For Sellers:

Update: Brandpa listing fee has been revised to $5 per domain which gets approved and goes for publishing. - brandable domain marketplace

For Buyers:

Here are some more features that Brandpa has advantage over BrandBucket which are in development and will be soon rolled out.

1. Best-in-class search:

They have been working on making what it seems will be the best domain/brand search of any marketplace: fast, easy to browse and with almost every filter and option you could think of.

2. Smart newsletters:

BB and other marketplaces have newsletters that tend to drown the recipient in names. But as we know this doesn’t help the sellers much. Hence Brandpa is soon launching newsletters that are tailored for the recipient, i.e. they only contain names about an area they are interested in (say tech names, or drone names). They believe this will be very effective in selling brandable domain names.

3. Analytics:

Brandpa has been developing a custom analytics solution for them which will soon be available for sellers. The analytics section will have some great tracking information regarding your domains such as ;

  • How often a domain is shown in search results
  • How often a domain is featured, e.g. on our homepage or About page
  • How often a domain is clicked on
  • How often a domain is visited from an external source, e.g. an ad, social post, or traffic to the domain itself
  • How often a domain is favourited
  • How often a domain is viewed for more than 30 seconds
  • How often someone starts to buy a domain (i.e. clicks “Buy now”)

This gives Brandpa a huge boost over other marketplaces.

4. Massively improved seller interface:

In addition to analytics, Brandpa is also adding a two-way conversation area within the seller’s dashboard where you will be able to discuss pricing, wording, logos etc. The marketplace is also going to add a log of key events that happen on your domain names, for example ; when a domain is listed, if any offer is made on one if it is shared on the homepage etc.

They are having pretty solid start. I hope they continue to grow and add more brandable domain names.
P.S: As always this article is not affiliated with Brandpa and not a promotional post. There are no affiliate links.
I'm a huge fan of brandable domains. I collect brandable domains for making either personal websites and projects or to sell it to startups. I'll be pretty honest to admit that I want my websites to appear unique. If I can't find a premium keyword domain which fits in my…

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Go For It!

They are having pretty much great start. Lots of features in development. The one that gets more attention is the analytics platform that will be rolled out to the sellers in the future. Unbiased platform suitable for buyers and sellers.

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