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If Your Content is Epic Shit, Why Are You Not Ranking in Google?

why you are not ranking in googleMost of the bloggers often say that they are writing a great content in blog, yet they are not a favorite of Google. Their blog posts are not ranked well in Google. This is a blog post for those of you who thinks that their website is of great value yet they are unsuccessful with Google. They are not ranking well in Google. A lot of things depend on getting ranked in Google such as DA, PA and other SEO strategies. What I’m about to share with you is totally my own stuff which I have learnt from many other sites and SEO books. Before you claim your content as Epic, make sure you have passed these 5 points. Here are my 5 tips which explains why your epic content is not ranking well in Google. To rank your blog post in Google’s first page, make sure you have read these points. If you want, bookmark this page now to remember it later. 🙂

Your Great Content Doesn’t Mean it is Unique: Writing a blog post for more than 2000 words is very good thing. But what makes your content unique if the content which you are sharing is already shared by many authority websites. A lot of people write a lot of content but they do not rank for the same keywords. I’m not saying that you are copying contents from these sites, but your content is not worth sharing because your content is already shared by these sites. Why would Google want to share the repeated content on the same page again? So the idea of creating an EPIC $**t content is not just have to be great, but it has to be Unique. Make sure your content delivers something which is not delivered by anybody else.

Outbound linking: This is one thing I learnt from Rand Fishkin’s (Founder of Moz.com) book, that outbound linking plays a major role in Search Rankings. Always link to authority websites whenever possible. Outbound linking should never be done with the spam websites which will put your ranking in trouble. When you write about something, do a lot of research and then link to authority websites whenever possible.

Backlinks from Spam Websites: Most of us do this. All we need is backlinks. Backlinks, Backlinks and more Backlinks. In the hurry of getting backlinks we run through automated software or site where we enter our sites and those bots start to create backlinks. More than half of them are spam backlinks which you just created. A Good Backlink is million times better than spam backlinks. Never ever get backlinks from these spam websites by running through bots or sites. Create them manually by joining forums, commenting on blog posts and linking in directories.

Your Design Matters: A good coded website without any issues in HTML and sitemap is a good sign of getting indexed easily in Google. Most of the themes usually have issues with their codes and tags in HTML which is not good.

Use proper keywords: Make use of your keywords in your first two paragraphs of blog post. Most of the webmasters start with a big intro and then move over to the content. This is not good. You have to come straight to the point and make use of your keywords to start your blog post.

Get started to work on these things today. Share it with your friends. Bookmark the page or do whatever you want. I just delivered my Epic Shit Content… 😉


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  1. Your first tip is bang on. A lot of people think rewriting others content in 2000 words or more can give them amazing ranking. That is not true. A small 300 post which is well written, offers unique value and is promoted well has the potential to do way-way better for your site.

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