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MOBIDEA Affiliate Network

mobidea cpa network review and payment proofMobidea is a leading mobile affiliate network that has won several industry awards and is specialized in mobile offers. Driven by education and technology, Mobidea knows what affiliates need to become able to succeed in the industry. They have more than 100.000 affiliates who monetize on their affiliate platform on a daily basis!
• Their FREE INTEGRATED TRACKER ensures users have powerful analytical capabilities which will ultimately help all affiliates to deep dive and optimize their media buying campaigns.

• On Mobidea, affiliates don’t need to waste time testing different campaigns. With Mobidea, you get to advertise only top campaigns that have been tested with millions of daily visits. In case you feel like you cannot dedicate precious time to so many different offers, you can allow their Smartlink to effectively auto-optimize your traffic.

• Mobidea’s multicultural and multi-language Support Squad is available every single day and they can brag about having the industry’s fastest response time.

• Their employees understand the importance of allowing users to get paid as fast as possible. Mobidea guarantee fast payments to all affiliates!

• The Mobidea Academy is an online educational platform where affiliate marketers can get the best advice, tips, tricks, and guides to really learn how to take their affiliate marketing experience to a whole other level!

They currently run over 2.000 campaigns on such verticals as Pin Submits, Sweeps, Mobile Content, Coupons & Vouchers, Dating, Games, Beauty, Health & Fitness, Videos and Music.

Sign up for Mobidea and become financially independent through affiliate marketing!

MOBIDEA Network Details

Commission Type CPA, CPI
Minimum Payout € 100
Payment Frequency On Request
Payment Method Paxum, Payoneer, Paypal, Payza, Bank/Wire
Country Cyprus
Ad Serving International

Payment Proof

MOBIDEA ad network review and payment proof

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Mobidea is a leading mobile affiliate network that has won several industry awards and is specialized in mobile offers. Driven by education and technology, Mobidea knows what affiliates need to become able to succeed in the industry. They have more than 100.000 affiliates who monetize on…

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On Time Payment
Publisher System

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One of the better mobile affiliate network with lots of offers to choose from. Mobidea can give a huge boost to your revenue from your mobile traffic.

User Rating: 3.37 ( 8 votes)


  1. I have been here for more than 3 months and my honest feedback Mobidea sucks in tracking & support.

    We have sent only Argentina traffic but, MOBIDEA reported as USA traffic where as my traffic platform and tracker Thrive reported as traffic from Argentina.

    1) Can you explain on why Mobidea reports traffic coming from one country is considered as another country (810 visitors from USA while we have only 3 visitors from USA)?
    And how this is not fixed by Mobidea and how Mobidea is considered as reliable in statistics and conversion reports?

    2) How can 4G traffic is reported as WiFi traffic in Mobidea while you guys say WiFi doesn’t convert and payout is very less?

    I have Skype proof (from my Boss) that your support guy/gal “Marianna” said traffic not coming from selected IP range is reported as another country traffic. And also mentioned that 4G traffic is considered as WiFi traffic as your platform can’t recognize 4G traffic.

    So, can you explain on why is this happening and how are you going to address the above said 2 major concerns ?

  2. Hello Silver Eagle,

    From the moment you signed up with us we were always available to answer to your questions. We are focused on helping our affiliates to grow on revenues.
    Answering to your questions and taking into account the printscreens you sent to us with the numbers on the adnetwork you are buying traffic and your tracker platform, we can guarantee you that we don’t have any detection problem. Considering for instance the day 18 of July you registered the majority of your clicks on Argentina. And if you go to Mobidea you can see that on that day you have two different Smartlinks, meaning two different links probably used in two different campaigns. But you only showed us the details for one campaign. The reports for one smartlink are correct, is the one associated with your traffic, where we detected correctly the countries/operators, where you have basically only Argentina Personal. The other one is associated with other campaign you created that doesn’t match the countries you are referring to. Where are you using the second smartlink? To which campaign is it associated? Could you please send us that screenshot? Also, you cannot compare clicks with visits, as we already discussed before, Mobidea counts only unique visits to the offer, clicks are associated with banners.

    Also, and as we already discussed, it is very difficult to optimize a media buy campaign when you have so many different targets inside it. You should create one campaign per segment. Putting Argentina, Portugal and United Arab Emirates on the same campaigns will ruin it, because the price/bid for each country and even operator is different. We would like to suggest you to take a look over some articles we have on our academy regarding media buy. They are really helpful for media buyers who work with us and they are helping a lot new affiliates making money.

    Let’s make this happen. 🙂 Please contact us through chat, skype or email so we can help you to on the offer’s promotion.

    Best Regards,

  3. Thanks for this awesome review about mobidea I just got signed up and running wishes to get more

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