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How to Monetize a Completely New Blog

How to Monetize a Completely New Blog

monetize a new blogThis is very general question and most fresh bloggers would often ask. How can I monetize my new blog? If you think the same, then this is a little guide for you to learn how you should monetize your fresh blog. You might have tried Adsense or any other Ad Network, but most of the time you would have been rejected. This is because as a fresh blog, you don’t have much traffic to your site. You would need decent amount of traffic to your blog before you can apply to the top advertising networks which give high CPM/CPC rates. Since you don’t have that traffic, what would you do to make money from this blog?

1. Become Affiliate

This is the first method I would choose if I want to make money from my new blog. The reason why you should go for affiliate links is that it doesn’t need as much traffic to your new blog as the advertising networks want. If you can sell one affiliate product (worth $25) with less than 100 visitors/day, you would do better than advertising networks. An affiliate product will get you better commission rates than the ad network for new sites. Write a review about an affiliate product you would like to sell and create an affiliate link for your visitors to purchase it. You can sell eBooks, software, plugins, templates, themes or any other products.  Tip: Always sell affiliate products related to your blog niche.

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2. Sell Your Own Product

If you have your own product something like an eBook or any digital asset, you can sell them on your site itself. For my new blog, I would create an eBook and sell it directly to my visitors. As a fresh blog, keep your ideas clean and do not promote your download link everywhere on the blog. All you have to do is to create a good looking banner image for your eBook and place it on your site. You can also use Easy Digital Downloads plugin if you are using WordPress CMS for your blog. Tip: As a fresh blog, do not put the price of your digital product very high. Visitors wants to buy products from trustworthy sites and with a fresh blog, it will take some time to build the trust.

3. Sell Your Product, Yes Again!

Now, since I have a new blog and have been getting few sales already from my site, how would I increase the sale of my eBook/ digital asset? The answer is simple, repeat your sales. At this point, I will go to niche blogs and would ask other bloggers whether they would like to become an affiliate of my product. If they agree, I would pay them 50 to 70% commission on the product. This way you are not only selling your product, but also increasing your website traffic. Every time someone clicks on the affiliate link on their site, they are getting redirected to your site to purchase it. This is how amazon affiliate works. You get a product from amazon affiliate store and place an affiliate link in your blog, then whenever your visitor try to purchase the product, they are getting redirected to Amazon site to purchase it.

Let me know your experience with monetizing a new blog. Share this article with your friends and share me your monetizing methods you use for your new blog.


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