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admitad is one of the largest Cost-Per-Action affiliate networks bridging the gap between the advertisers and publishers. admitad network was founded by Alexander Baсhmann and the network is in operation since 2010. The network has grown exponentially throughout this period and the team at admitad has grown from a mere 10 members having a small office to 200 employees in various countries including India, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey and may other.The CEO himself is well connected with publishers and share personal tips and advice to help them reach their target profit.

As of this writing admitad has well over 1300 advertisers and over 540,000 publishers. admitad sends more than 8,000,000 visitors to advertisers’ websites via their publishers. The network maintains transparency and quality with their customers with priority.

AdmitAd cpa affiliate network - Home Page

For publishers:

As a publisher, you will get every help you will need to make profit with your website. You will be able to make some serious money with the network. As an affiliate publisher you will get paid whenever your website visitor performs an action such as purchasing a product, signing up to a subscription service or other action service.

The offers are well checked before they can go live. These offers will certainly get you higher conversion rates and get huge profit.

Publishers get a number of analytic tools to track their effective channels and boost revenue. The statistics are in real time.

Sign Up:

Getting registered with admitad is pretty easy and 30 seconds job. All you have to do is complete the form below and click “Continue Sign Up” button.

publisher sign up page

Once you click on the button, you will be taken to a another page where you will be writing additional details about your website and promotional methods as described below. Once you have completed the above mentioned details, you will get below message. As I said earlier, the registration process is pretty much simple.

admitad - completion


The dashboard looks outstanding featuring the best offer right in top, report details, balance widgets, latest news and lot more information.

admitad - dashboard - publisher

From dashboard you can move across every link and product service that you want. The Program section is where you will look mostly to get access to the affiliate products. You can choose “All Programs” option to get the list view of all the available affiliate products/services. Select an offer and click on “Join” button below the offer page to get access to the affiliate product.

In the program page, you will be able to view all the details regarding the rules, rates, banners, support, regions to target. For the sake of exclusivity, I won’t include much details but you would definitely love to see how every offer page gives you numerous details and helps you.


The Tools section gives you access to a lot of essential tools which includes,

  1. Ad Server
  2. Link Checker
  3. Postback URL
  4. Coupons
  5. Domain Parking
  6. Deeplink Generator
  7. Short Links
  8. Plugins and more.

Product Feeds:

This section gives you access to feeds which you can export to xml and use. This section also contains template sections to ease your work simple and faster.


The reports section gives you access to various reports such as reporting by Ads, Report by Program, Report by Action, time, SubId and more as shown below.

admitad- reporting

As a whole the publisher account section is self explanatory and contains a lot of essential details to help you get the maximum out of the network.

For advertisers:

As an advertiser of admitad you can promote your products or services to your desired audience. You will only need to pay when an action is performed such as a sale is made or a sign up is done.

Since they have a huge publisher inventory, you will get the maximum advantage of target audience for your ad campaign. At any given time, you can set your commission fee and evaluate the CPA channel.

Sign Up:

Registration as an advertiser is pretty much simple. You have to fill the below form. Once you have filled the form, you will get the approval response within two days. Usually  moderator will ask you to sign an agreement before you can be enrolled as an advertiser.


Ad Campaigns:

admitad - advertisers

Once you are registered with admitad as an advertiser, you can customize your program with the help of staffs.  The staffs will help you to choose the best ad rates, countries targeting information, help you with tools. Once the program has been completed, admitad will run your ad campaign to the publishers inventory.

They keep a close eye on publisher’s traffic quality so that you can be rest assured that you get the best quality of traffic for your ad campaign. You will be able to track your entire program using various tools that it provides. If there are any fraud that gets detected, the publisher’s Id gets blocked instantly.

How is it better than others?

The question now is how it differs from other affiliate networks. The answer is the perks it give you for being an advertiser. As an advertiser, you are in full control unlike other networks that restrict some way other.

  • As an advertiser, you will be able to monitor your traffic quality. You will be able to block traffic that you don’t like to your campaign such as doorway pages traffic, social media traffic or other.
  • You have a total control over your campaigns. If you see anything wrong with your ad campaign expenditure and detect a fraud by a publisher, you can decline a publisher’s payment.
  • Moderate your publishers as per their traffic, websites, visitor types and more
  • You can easily attract more publishers with the help of text, video, flash and enclosed files that garnish your offer.


Starting from your sign up process till launching your ad campaign, admitad support staffs are there to help you. They will take care of all the technical support for ad campaigns that includes consultations for publishers and showing them how to integrate your promo materials.

For questions on the Terms & Conditions for admitad Payments, please contact 


I’m very much impressed by admitad to be honest. The network provides a lot of valuable tools to help you launch your campaigns, it has tools specifically for advertisers and publishers. The technical staffs are awesome and helpful. The network is trusted by various large companies which includes AliExpress, Groupon,, Agoda and many others. Thumbs Up from me!

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admitad - The Largest CPA Affiliate Network admitad is one of the largest Cost-Per-Action affiliate networks bridging the gap between the advertisers and publishers. admitad network was founded by Alexander Baсhmann and the network is in operation since 2010. The network has grown exponentially throughout this period and the team at…

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One of the best CPA Affiliate networks, extensive support and lots of affiliate programs for publishers. As an advertiser you would love the network with the good ROI.

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